Dorina Nikolla (2008 ISSRPL)

Dorina Nikolla is a project manager working at the field of local governments and public policy research at Co-PLAN, Institute for Habitat Development in Tirana, Albania. She received a BA in Psychology and MSc. in Political Science and Public Administration from Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey. She worked for UNICEF, Albania in a project related to integration of Roma, orphans and disabled youth to the labor market through offering professional trainings and establishing YAPS, (Youth Albanian Professional Service) as a means of hiring the marginalized Albanian youth. Currently, she is working on local economic development, public service improvement and policy research for the central government. Academic research on urban sociology, EU integration, relations between culture and the city through different historic periods are her interest. She has attended several workshops and conferences on human rights issues in the post-communist Balkans focusing on the political dimension of the recognition of violence. Dorina is an instructor of Research Methods for Urban Planning at Polis University, International School of Architecture and Urban Development Policies.

 Jorida Cila (2007 ISSRPL)

Jorida Cila was born in Tirana, Albania. She earned a BA in Psychology from Bogazici University, Istanbul and an MA in Urban Management and Development, from IHS, Erasmus University Rotterdam. One of her special areas of interest is the role of culture and identity in the integration process of rural migrants. She is also familiar with studies on the Roma and Egyptian communities in Albania. As a social scientist, she feels that the dynamic development of her country from a political, social and economic perspective presents new challenges which, in order to be dealt with, first need to be thoroughly understood. She is particularly interested in research methods in the social sciences.

Darina Kokona (2006 ISSRPL)

Darina Kokona holds the position of Project Manager at Co-PLAN (Institute for Habitat Development), Tirana, Albania. She is responsible for the project: “Steps towards an inclusive society, integration of minorities in the urban development” with a special focus on the Roma and Egyptian minority in Albania. She is also involved in other projects of the organization for issues regarding community development especially extralegal communities in informal area as well as capacity strengthening for the local authorities throughout the process of new trends in Albania regarding social urbanization developments throughout the country. Her works focus on both theoretical and practical approach to better address the cultural, religious, social differences of these communities in the local and regional social and economic policies that will enable their integration in the new post-communist society/system. She holds a BA in Social Work (major social work and psychology) from the State University of Tirana, Albania followed by a series of trainings and on the job qualifications with a strong profile in social sciences, gender issues, child education, psycho-social assistance to victims of human trafficking, marginalized groups and minorities. She is also very familiar and posses long experience and knowledge on the non-profit sector in Albania, and non-Profit capacities and institutions, giving expertise to NPOs as a certified trainer in project writing, administration and management, project implementation, evaluation and monitoring skills. “To be one, to be united is a great thing. But to respect the right to be different is maybe even greater.” Bono

Virgjil Kule (2006 ISSRPL)

Virgjil Kule is former director of the World Vision Project on Religious Harmony and currently working on a documentary of life in various regions of Albania.

Marini Blerina (2005 ISSRPL)

Agron Hoxha (2005 ISSRPL)

Gurraj Marjeta (2005 ISSRPL)

Ervin Hatibi (2004 ISSRPL)

Andris Stastoli (2004 ISSRPL)