Miriam Iacomini (2013 BSSRPL)

Miriam Iacomini Picture - cropMiriam Iacomini obtained her PhD at the University ‘Roma Tre’ on 2007 in Philosophy and Theory of humane Science. She studied M. Foucault and more in general the French reflection in the XX century about the ‘différence’. She is a public primary school teacher since 1997. She has always worked in a multiethnic contest and she is member of the staff of I.C. “D. Manin since 2008 managing the relation of migrant communities, associations and institutions of district and neighborhood. She organizes intercultural projects in her school and she has been working and still looking for funds in a project about the evaluation of migrant pupils. She cooperates with UVA – universolaltro, an association that promotes the education of citizenship through religious dialogue. She worked on the development of experimental projects to teach ‘Citizenship and constitution’, and, as coordinator and teacher, she participated to project of active citizenship in the jail and correctional institution.

Chiara Lapi (2013 BSSRPL)

Microsoft Word - Chiara Lapi Picture(1).docChiara Lapi, born in Pontedera (Pisa, Italy) on August 8th, 1977, took her degree in Law at the Faculty of Law of Pisa University discussing a thesis on Canon Law. After two years of apprenticeship in a legal study where she mostly dealt with Work Law, she became a lawyer. She was awarded a scholarship for Ph.D. in Philosophy of Law (Canon and Ecclesiastical curriculum) at the State University of Milan. During her Ph.D. she attended the Programme interuniversitaire de formation doctorale en droit canonique at the Faculté de droit Jean Monnet, Université Paris-Sud by an Erasmus scholarship. She achieved her Ph.D. on May 2012 discussing a thesis on «Women and inheritance laws in Hindu law: paths to gender equality». She took her Post-Graduate Master Degree in Interreligious and Intercultural Conflicts attained at the “Sciences for Peace” Interdisciplinary Research Centre (SPIRC), Pisa University. At the same Research Centre, she attended advanced courses «Rights of immigrants», «Family Mediation» and «Immigration and participation». She is the author of some publications concerning «The difficult position of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia before the Court of Strasbourg», the «Note the judgment of the Court of Cassation 4 February 2010, number 2600», the «Chronicle of the Seminar on Law and Religion», «The sexual abuses of children in the Orthodox churches». She periodically did research at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London and at the Centre for Women’s Development Studies in New Delhi and at the Indian Law Institute in New Delhi. At the moment, she is a scholarship-holder at the SPIRC, Pisa University and the issue of her research project regards “The accommodation of Hindu law in the contemporary West: the legal position of women within family and society”. She is also a member of the examination board of Canon Law and Ecclesiastical Law at the Law Department of Pisa University and of the Volunteer Legislation (in Italy «Third Sector») at the SPIRC, Pisa University. She is an Italian mother-tongue speaker. She also speaks English and French and has an elementary knowledge of Hindi.

Cristina Cereti (2003 ISSRPL)