Arber Fetiu (2013 BSSRPL)

Arber Fetiu Picture-cropArber Fetiu was born in Gjakova (Kosovo) and he earned his bachelor’s in Laval University in Quebec City, Canada in international studies and languages and his MA in political science on which he works on the no contemporary debates and theories of secularism. He was engaged for years with Initiatives of Change Canada and also with IofC international. He did research with International Center for Religion and Diplomacy in Washington, DC on religious minorities and the state, contemporary islamic mouvements, radicalism, religion and diplomacy and diverse other topics. He has also written several articles in Albanian on politics and discrimination. His research interests are: secularism and the freedom of conscience; ethno-religious diversity and pluralism; construction of nationalism(s); interfaith dynamics and dialogue; post-colonialism and orientalist discourse ; new religiosity and society; Islam in Balkans; discriminatory discourses and others. He is fluent in Albanian, French, English and Turkish and has basic knowledge of Arabic and Serbo-Croatian.


Sahadete Sopjani (2011 ISSRPL)

I am Sahadete Sopjani and I come from Kosovo. I have a BA degree in Philology Faculty, department of German Language and Literature. I studied for about 2 years in Zarkka University of Jordan, Arabic language and Islamic fields. For the moment my occupation is translating, from different languages such as from German and English. At the time I am a member of board of the NGO Yvesa in Prishtine, Kosove, were I am very active. I am a writer as well, published several articles on society issues as well as artistic writings like poetry and others.

Shqipe Hajredini (2010 ISSRPL)

Shqipe is a graduate lawyer. She holds a master degree on European Studies from University of Hamburg. Her previous experience includes various positions in local and international organizations in projects related to civil society and community development. Shqipe is also involved in the academic field where she is specialized and contributes to various researches and projects. She currently works as senior legislation officer in the Office of Prime Minister of Kosova.

Jusuf Salih (2007 ISSRPL)

Originally from Kosovo and educated in Turkey’s premier institution for Islamic Studies, (Marmara University, Faculty of Divinity, Istanbul), Jusuf Salih has a BA in Islamic Theology and Philosophy and an MA in Islamic Theology from Marmara University. In Spring 2006 he finished another MA in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Virginia. In fact, prior to transferring his academic formation in the U.S., he actually had finished all the required course work and comprehensive exams for his Ph.D. in Islamic Theology at Marmara University. Now he is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of Virginia and is working on his dissertation about intellectual debates within Islamic theology at the end on 19th and beginning of the 20th century Islamic world with focus on the Ottoman Empire. As a graduate student in the UVA, he has been teaching assistant in several courses related to Islam, such as: Classical Islam; Islam in the Modern Age; Islam, Democracy and Human Rights; Theology, Ethics and Medicine; Introduction to Western Religious Tradition. This Spring Semester he taught his own course named: Islam in Europe and North America.

Fadil Lepaja (2003 ISSRPL)

Rajmonda Purrini (2003 ISSRPL)