Roska Vrgova (2012 ISSRPL)

Roska Vrgova currently lives in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) where she is enrolled in postgraduate program in Human Rights and Democracy in SEE within the University of Sarajevo/ University of Bologna. Her previous experience includes various positions in local and international organizations in projects related to civil society and education. She also gives trainings in intercultural leadership and communication (for expats), and conflict resolution on organizational level. Her research interests are related to ethnopolitics, culture, religion and peacebuilding; at the moment she is writing her master’s thesis, on electoral engineering as a tool for conflict management, in context of contemporary Bosnia and Herzegovina. She loves “freezing” part of people’s soul in photographs, and in words. She is amazed by the immeasurable value, revealed in every person’s life stories.

Ljupco Atanasovski (2003 ISSRPL)