Hana van Ooijen (2007, 2008 ISSRPL)

Hana van Ooijen holds an LL.M. degree in International and European law of Utrecht University. In 2007 she commenced a legal Ph.D. research in the field of human rights with the Netherlands Institute of Human Rights in 2007. Her research focuses on the scope allowing public servants to manifest their religion or belief. Such manifestations in particular and religion in general keep spurring debate in the Netherlands which offers an excellent and inspiring environment to conduct her research. It touches on topical issues ranging from teachers at public schools wearing headscarves to registrars who are not willing to perform same-sex marriages. She has also written on topics somewhat beyond the horizon of her research such as the ongoing discussions on a possible nationwide prohibition on face veils. She is an active member of the Ph.D. council of the university and of the Dutch Section of the International Commission of Jurists. Additionally, she is actively involved in a political party and currently, she is the president of the Dutch Association of Korean Adoptees in the Netherlands. In 2007, she participated in the summer school and was affected by the unique combination of sharing academic knowledge and experiencing religious practice. The great diversity of the fellows coming from a wide range of countries, backgrounds and religious affiliations has been a real enrichment.

Ahmet Yukleyen (2003, 2004 ISSRPL)

Yoginder Singh Sikand (2003 ISSRPL)