Angel Kolev (2013 BSSRPL)

Angel Kolev Picture-cropAngel was born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. He has a Master’s degree in Law from University of Plovdiv Paisii Hilendarski. Currently he is a PhD student and researcher in the Public Law Department of the Public University of Navarre, Spain. His PhD thesis is on protection of the fundamental rights of minorities in Bulgaria. He has taken part in two research projects: “Public Law Studies on immigration, immigration matters and multiculturalism in Spain” and “Legal instruments for the integration of Diversity”. His research is focused on issues of religion, minorities, diversity management, migration and ethnicity. He is author of publications devoted to “The right to freedom of religion and conscience in Bulgarian post – communist legislation”, “Legal status of Religious Denominations in Bulgaria”, “The nationalization of the properties of the Catholic Church, by the Bulgarian communist regime (1944 – 1989) and the question of their restitution after the establishment of Democracy”, “Critical valuation of the model of relations between Church and State in Bulgaria” and “Diversity Management in Bulgaria”.