The CEDAR Occasional Paper Series

The CEDAR Occasional Paper Series aims to initiate discussion about the role of practice and embodied knowledge in understanding issues of religion and public life. Contributors include CEDAR network alumni, staff, and associates who have been connected to the CEDAR experience and write from within their local contexts on issues of religion and public life. The papers seek to develop a space where the academic, religious, political, and development worlds intersect, yielding new insights into the challenges of everyday life and the need to live better with difference.

The views expressed in the CEDAR Occasional Papers are those of the individual authors and are intended both to generate discussion and to extend the CEDAR experience.

* Between 2008 and 2012 the CEDAR Occasional Paper Series was published as the ISSRPL Occasional Paper Series.

2010 – ISSRPL Occasional Paper No. 3, by Edward L. Queen

When Reality Rears Its Ugly Head: Thinking about Religion, Conflict, and the Possible Edward L. Queen My thinking on this topic emerges primarily from the work I have done over the past eleven years in the former Yugoslavia and Israel, with some detours to India and Pakistan.  This paper was occasioned by my time in…

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2009 – ISSRPL Occasional Paper No. 2, by David W. Montgomery

Otherness and the Experience of Difference: From Encountering and Evaluating to Eschewing and Enduring David W. Montgomery The muezzin makes the last call to prayer and some men make their way to the small neighborhood mosque. Three blocks away, twelve women loiter for sex; men are also making their way to them. What is there…

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2008 – ISSRPL Occasional Paper No. 1, by Adam B. Seligman

Pedagogic Principles and Reflections Developing out of ISSRPL Practice Adam B. Seligman Temples have their sacred images, and we see what influence they have always had over a great part of mankind. But in truth the ideas and images in men’s minds are the invisible powers that constantly govern them, and to these they all,…

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