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"The Burkini as a Mirror", by Adam Seligman

“The Burkini as a Mirror”, by Adam Seligman. 2016. openDemocracy. August 25. Last week, the mayor of Oye-Plage in France was so disturbed by seeing a woman in a burkini on the beach that he is planning to ban such a garb from the beaches of his own town. This reminded me of some of my…

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"How Big a Threat Is Islamic State in Central Asia?", by John Heathershaw and David W. Montgomery

“How Big a Threat Is Islamic State in Central Asia?”, by John Heathershaw and David W. Montgomery. 2016. The Conversation. April 11. Read the Full ArticleRead More »

New Book on Difference by CEDAR Leadership Team

Living with Difference: How to Build Community in a Divided World ADAM B. SELIGMAN, RAHEL R. WASSERFALL, AND DAVID W. MONTGOMERY “The authors have the courage as well as the philosophical skills to challenge the sentimentalities designed to help us all to just ‘get along.’ Instead, they draw on their pedagogical experience to provide an account…

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CEDAR Director Named Fulbright Scholar

CEDAR Director Adam Seligman has been named a Fulbright Specialist at Uganda Martyrs’ University (UMU), where he will spend two months starting in May 2016. During this time he will use CEDAR’s pedagogic approach to help develop a program in conflict resolution and peace studies for UMU’s Equator Peace Academy (EPA), a CEDAR affiliate school. Bringing Professor Seligman to Uganda for an extended period will…

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“Islam and the State in Central Asia”, by Adeeb Khalid

“Islam and the State in Central Asia”, by Adeeb Khalid. 2015. Turkish Review. September 1. Read the Full Article This post is part of the CEDAR’s partnership with the UK’s Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House), George Washington University, and the University of Exeter in organizing a two-part conference on “Islam, Secularism and Security…

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