Nanjing School on Beliefs and Public Life

nsbpl-logoThe Nanjing School on Beliefs and Public Life (NSBPL) proceeds from the idea that ritual, belief, and other forms of collective belonging are central for the life of both individuals and society, and that our belief communities are often those to which we devote our greatest loyalties.  In our diverse but increasingly interconnected world, we need to find ways to live together in a world populated by people with very different political ideas, moral beliefs, and communal loyalties. The goal of the NSBPL is to provide a laboratory for the practical pedagogy of tolerance and living with difference in a global society.  Its focus is on belief as providing the fundamental terms of moral community and its aim is to produce new practices and understandings for living together in a world populated by “differences”. The NSBPL uses CEDAR pedagogy to bring international participants together to explore issues of living together differently within China and beyond.

2016 – China, The Beliefs of Migrants

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