Bosnia and Herzegovina

Arijana Aganovic (2013 BSSRPL)

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Arijana Aganovic is currently working in NGO Sarajevo Open Centre.  She studied World Literature and Librarian Sciences at Sarajevo University and she holds a MA in Religious Studies from Center for Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Studies (CIPS) at Sarajevo University. From 2007-2012, she worked in the field of theatre and literature (Travelling Theatre and Writers’ Association in BiH). Since 2010 she works for the Sarajevo Open Centre as program coordinator. She is interested into religion, politics and human rights. She is actively involved into politics.

Elma Demir (2012 ISSRPL)

Elma Demir is currently researcher for Association for Democratic Initiatives and Goldsmiths University of London. Prior to this engagement, Elma worked as researcher at Dartmouth Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection, NATO BH HQ, and Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina. She holds a BA degree in Political Sciences from University of Sarajevo, and is in process of finalizing her MA studies in Globalization at Dartmouth College, US.

Asim Jusić (2012 ISSRPL)

Asim Jusić currently teaches law at American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He holds a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree from the University of Sarajevo, a Master of Arts in American Studies from the University of Heidelberg, a Master of Laws (LLM) and Doctor of Juridical Science (SJD) degree,” both from Central European University in Budapest. Prior to his doctoral studies, he worked in legal practice and in economic and political consultancy for a number of international and non-governmental organizations in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the US, Germany and Hungary.

Hamza Karcic (2011 ISSRPL)

Hamza Karcic is Assistant Lecturer in International Relations and PhD candidate at the Faculty of Political Science, University of Sarajevo. He received his B.A. in Political Science and International Relations from Bogazici University, M.A. in International Relations and European Studies from the Central European University and an M.A. from the Walsh School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University.

Iva Lucic (2011 ISSRPL)

I was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Currently, I live in Uppsala, Sweden. After I got my M.A. from Uppsala University, I got accepted as a PhD researcher at the Department of History, Uppsala University. My research is located within three intersecting fields: religion, nation-building processes and socialism. I am primarily interested in the policy of nation-building of Muslims in Socialist Yugoslavia.

Faruk Borić (2010 ISSRPL)

I was born in Bihać, city on western part of Bosnia. I had finished Elementary and High School in my hometown. Three and a half year I had spend in sieged city during a war on which my hometown became famous. Faculty of Political Science graduated in Sarajevo, where I started my career as a professional journalist. On my 30th birthday, on 10th of January 2008, I became Editor-in-Chief of daily newspaper Oslobodlenje, the oldest media in Bosnia. Currently serve as Deputy to Editor in Chief. This spring I have stated with postgraduate course on sociology of religion. I am married to Narcisa Livnjak – Borić, and father of one year old daughter, Ajna.

Adnan Huskic (2010 ISSRPL)

I hold a BSc from the London School of Economics and Political Sciences and a MA in European Studies from the University Bologna – University Sarajevo – LSE Joint Program. I work for the Friedrich Naumann Foundation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and I am also the President of the Steering Board of the newly established Liberal Academy in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I teach two courses at the Sarajevo School of Science and Technology – University of Buckingham in Politics of European Integrations and International Security and my interests are nations and nationalism in international relations, democratization processes in particular in post-conflict societies and international security studies.

Dina Sijamhodžić-Nadarević (2008 ISSRPL)

Dina Sijamhodžić-Nadarević is an assistant professor for pedagogy group of courses at the Faculty of Islamic studies in Sarajevo, University of Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina). She graduated from the Faculty of Islamic studies in Sarajevo in 2004 (Islamic theology department) and from the Faculty of Philosophy in 2006 (Pedagogy department). At the moment, she is postgraduate student of Religion pedagogy at the Faculty of Islamic studies in Sarajevo and she is doing her master’s thesis. Dina has participated in many interfaith dialogues. The last project was on the broad topic, “Faith Communities and Civil Society: a dialogue” for religious leaders, laypeople, and scholars from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Arizona that occurred in Arizona (USA) in January 2008 and in Bosnia and Herzegovina in June 2008.

Mujesira Zimic-Gljiva (2008 ISSRPL)

Mujesira Zimic-Gljiva is an assistant teacher at The Religious Pedagogy Department of The Faculty of Islamic Studies, University of Sarajevo. She teaches The Religion Teaching Methods. She is doing her master papers on the analyses of the Islam teaching textbooks in Bosnian primary schools. As a member of the women section of The Inter-religious Council in Bosnia and Herzegovina she took part in several projects organized and run by women of different faiths in BiH and the region. She is involved in two Muslim women educational organizations’ activities in Sarajevo – Nahla and Kevser.

Enver Ferhatovic (2005, 2007 ISSRPL)

Enver Ferhatovic is currently the Senior Political Advisor for Strategy at the Office of the High Representative/ European Union Special Representative in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Enver studied political science and law at the Free University Berlin (MA) and Islamic studies (MA) at the School of Divinity at the Sarajevo University. Enver is an active member of Transfuse, Forum Bosnia and Transformation leaders associations and programs. During his studies and civil engagement Enver focused on post-conflict issues, European and Transatlantic security issues, EU integration and transformation processes, Muslim political thought, inter-religious dialogue, diverse issues concerning Islam and modernity and the Ash’arite school of thought.

Orhan Jasic (2007 ISSRPL)

Orhan has participated in many interfaith dialogues, including Christians and Muslims in Dialogue: The Future of Humanity in Vienna, and two through the Interreligious Council in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Orhan specializes in comparative religions and therefore spent the year of 2006-07 at the Francis theology in Sarajevo at the department for dogmatic in specialization of Sacramentology at Franciscan Mire Jelevcic. Beside comparative religions, Orhan specializes in the philosophical inter-influence of East and the West, through the philosophy of Muhammed Ibn Rushd (Averroes), Thoms Aqunatu and Maimonides on the subject of Latin averroism. The latter mentor of the specialization is Lecturer M. Sc. Orhan Bajraktarevic.

Eldar Sarajlić (2005, 2007 ISSRPL)

Eldar Sarajlić (1978) is a postgraduate student of political sciences at the University of Sarajevo. He is an editor in the Status, a magazine for political culture and social affairs. Studies of ethnicity, culture and politics are his main interests; at the moment he is writing his master’s thesis, on ethnicity and postmodernity in context of contemporary Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bojan Arula (2006 ISSRPL)

gulnaraI worked as volunteer during my studies in different organizations such as: Save the Children UK, Youth Communicative Center, Humanitarian organization “Partner”, International Forum of Bosnia, Association of psychologists of Republic of Srpska and others. I still have great cooperation with mentioned organizations. I was a cofounder and the first president (from 2002 till 2004) of Union of students of social work Banja Luka University. Today I am the president of NGO “New generation” (confounded in 2004) that is the association of social workers and others in the field of social work. Also, I am an active participant of reforms of social sector in Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina through different commissions, projects, and seminars and around tables. I am author of a manual for education of children without parental care for substation life in local community (2005), coauthor of books Education and Culture in Bosnia and Herzegovina (2006), Children and Youth Issues in Human Rights Context in Bosnia and Herzegovina (2007), and several articles about youth and children.

Alma Mrgan-Slipičević (2006 ISSRPL)

She graduated from the Džemal Bijedić University of Mostar, with major in English Language and Literature. She is currently enrolled at the English department of Postgraduate Studies at the Faculty of Philosophy in Sarajevo. She works as a program manager for the International Forum Bosnia, a non-governmental organization in Sarajevo, which is committed to the creation of a future for Bosnia and Herzegovina as a harmonious and united society, based on dialogue, trust and respect, and on optimum practice in the fields of human rights protection, the rule of law, and democracy.

Aida Šunje (2006 ISSRPL)

Aida Šunje was born in 1983 in Mostar, Bosnia. She is currently finishing her studies at the Faculty of political affairs at the University of Sarajevo. Besides studying, she has been working at the International Forum Bosnia, a leading Bosnian NGO, since 2002. Her main interests are reporting on war crimes and human rights.

Jasmina Altumbabic (2005 ISSRPL)

Monja Suta (2005 ISSRPL)

Asim Zubevic (2005 ISSRPL)

Bisera Čolaković (2004 ISSRPL)

Jasmin Halebić (2004 ISSRPL)

Damir Imamović (2004, ISSRPL)

Mersija Maglajlić (2004 ISSRPL)

Dušanka Šešum (2004 ISSRPL)

Lejla Balavac (2003 ISSRPL)

Marko-Antonio Brkic (2003 ISSRPL)

Medina Hadzihasanovic (2003 ISSRPL)

Bosko Tosovic (2003 ISSRPL)