CEDAR Program Locations

2020 Bulgaria/North Macedonia (BSSRPL) and Kyrgyzstan (CAPPS) programs postponed to 2021 because of COVID-19 pandemic.
2019 Indonesia: Understanding Minority/Majority Relations: Lessons from the Indonesian Archipelago (NSD)
Japan: Which Community, Whose Memory? A Workshop on History, Memory, and Belonging (CEDAR)
Uganda: The Future of Belonging: Community or the State? (EPA)
Uganda and Kenya: Body Culture in East Africa (EPA)
2018 USA: Hospitality and the Stranger (CEDAR)
2017 Bulgaria: Strangers and Neighbors (BSSRPL)
Indonesia: Past Continuous: Rethinking Colonial History (NSD)
Uganda: Refugees: Strangers as Neighbors (EPA)
2016 China:  The Beliefs of Migrants (NSBPL)
2015 Bulgaria: Conversion and the Boundaries of Community (BSSRPL)
2014 Uganda: Coping with Difference in a Foreign Land (EPA)
2013 Bulgaria: Syncretic Societies: Building Traditions and Modernity? (BSSRPL)
Canada: Belonging, Difference and Research Method (CSIIS)
2012 Indonesia: Negotiating Space in Diversity: Religions and Authorities (ISSRPL)
Uganda and Rwanda: Whose Community? Memory, Conflict and Tradition (EPA)
2011 Bulgaria: A Mosaic of Margins: Ethnicity, Religion, and Belonging (ISSRPL)
2010 Cyprus and Israel: Together and Apart: Divided Cities (ISSRPL)
2009 United Kingdom: The Language of Neighborhood and Practices of Public Life (ISSRPL)
2008 United Kingdom: The Good City: Living Together Differently (ISSRPL)
2007 Turkey: State, Ethnos, Religion: The Legacy of Empire and the Nation-state (ISSRPL)
2006 Bosnia and Herzegovina and United States of America: Religion and Civil Society: A Comparative Perspective (ISSRPL)
2005 Israel: Religion, Nationalism and Fundamentalism: The Challenge of Coexistence (ISSRPL)
2004 Bosnia and Herzegovina: The Muslim Question in Europe (ISSRPL)
2003 Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia: The Role of Religion in the Conflicts of ex-Yugoslavia (ISSRPL)