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The International Summer School on Religion and Public Life Changes Name

After ten years operating programs as the International Summer School on Religion and Public Life (ISSRPL), we have changed our name to CEDAR–Communities Engaging with Difference and Religion. This better reflects our organizational growth and the needs of our affiliate schools in the Balkans, North America, Eastern Africa and Southern Africa. We have redesigned our practice and programming to better address the opportunities afforded by our global network. Continuing to support the pedagogy developed by the ISSRPL, CEDAR is a global educational network enabling members of disparate communities to recognize and accept their differences as they work toward a civil society.

ISSRPL Meeting of the Schools

The ISSRPL Meeting of the Schools took place on April 18-19, 2013 in Boston, USA, supported by the Luce Foundation and the Institute on Culture, Religion, and World Affairs at Boston University. This meeting brought together staff, past ISSRPL local directors, and others to collaborate in planing the expansion of our pedagogy as CEDAR—Communities Engaging with Difference and Religion builds on the achievements of the ISSRPL.