Malika Bahovadinova (2009 ISSRPL)

Malika Bahovadinova holds a degree in International Relations from the Russian Tajik Slavonic University and an MA in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution from the University of Notre Dame. A founder and director of the Republican Center for Human Rights and Civic Society in Dushanbe, she has taught at the Russian Tajik Slavonic University and worked as an institution-building advisor for the American Bar Association in Tajikistan. Currently she works for American Councils for International Education as the Community Connections Program Managing Specialist. Her interests include the impact of development on communities, anthropology of development, human rights, poverty and Central Asia.

Abdujabbor Kayumov (2006 ISSRPL)

gulnaraAbdujabbor is currently the Program Manager of the NGO “Fariza”. During past few years Mr. Kayumov has been working in organization whose mission was development of the civil society and prevention or resolution of conflicts at the territory covering three states of Central Asia: Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. Abdujabbor received his B.A and M.A. in International Economic Relations from State University of Khujand. Personal interests are interethnic and religious conflicts and its resolution methods. Abdujabbor is working on resolving and prevention of conflicts and tensions between different ethnic groups in Fergana Valley already about 4 last years, he facilitated the process of community negotiations on water and land issues in frontier areas of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan and reached consensus on them. Also he has participated in several seminars, trainings and conferences in different countries including Poland, Japan, Bosnia & Herzegovina and USA. Few years ago he has made a field research on Religious radicalization: comparing the cases of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan and also wrote a short paper on Identity issue in Central Asia.